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Appletree Nursery School has been known as Appletree since 2005 (read more) and is now the only Maintained Nursery School serving the Lancaster and Morecambe district .Working with a highly skilled and experienced staff team and the support and encouragement of parents, governors and other professionals Appletree has flourished and grown and has an excellent reputation for providing the very best creative and innovative early years curriculum.

In 2008 following an extension to the building Appletree Children’s Centre opened its doors and we are now a highly valued centre of excellence for young children and their families. Since then thousands of young children, their parents, carers and others have passed through our doors and benefitted from the wonderful and extensive range of services we now provide.

We set out to make Appletree a very special place for children, parents, carers, staff and everyone else who uses our facilities. We offer you a very warm “Welcome” and hope you enjoy Appletree as much as we do.