We have respect for all individuals using the Nursery and believe that everyone should be supported to reach their full potential. We believe all children are entitled to high quality care and education, which takes account of their race and ethnicity, culture or ability, gender, age, beliefs, lifestyles and family make-up, medical status, refugee or asylum seeker status.

We welcome diversity and see it as a valuable contribution to each individual’s knowledge and understanding of the world we live in.

It is important to us that children develop high self-esteem and the ability to stand up for themselves and others in the face of prejudice and discrimination.

We will develop strategies with both children and adults to support this and we will challenge all discriminatory comments and behaviour.

We aim to reflect on what we do and welcome contributions and ideas that will help us develop our equal opportunities practice. We will consider equal opportunities in every aspect of our work.

We request that all visitors to our school abide by this statement.