Pie Corbett Story Curriculum

Appletree Nursery School follows a story curriculum, underpinned by Pie Corbett’s Reading Spine. 

Pie Corbett’s reading spine is a core set of books, using repetition and rhyme, that creates a living library inside a child’s mind.  It is a collection of classic books and essential reads that help children engage at a deeper level and enter the world of the story. It brings reading to life with a classic read aloud programme, created by literacy expert Pi Corbett.

Each term a range of books are chosen, one main focus text from the Pie Corbett reading spine and a range of other stories and poems selected by the Appletree team and outlined in our Curriculum of Intent. The learning opportunities and experiences which take place throughout the term are linked to these books, the individual next steps and skills identified for each child and also child led interests. 

Parents/carers have access to copies of each termly focus storybook within the waiting area in school, to share with their child at home, if they wish.

Appletree room – Autumn Term 2020/21

Apple Blossom room – Autumn Term 2020/21

Appletree room – Spring Term 2020/21

January – February                                           March – April


Apple Blossom room – Spring Term 2020/21

January – April