Values & Ethos

“Life must be lived as play” Plato.

At Appletree Nursery School we believe in providing rich learning opportunities that allow children to grow and develop through exploratory and imaginative play, supported by staff who will extend and challenge learning and help children to become independent learners who can think critically and problem solve. We are the first step on our children’s journey and we ensure that these early steps create a foundation for future growth. This is represented in our mission statement of:

Planting the seed; growing the future

Our Intent

At Appletree Nursery School we have four key intentions:

Intention 1: Wellbeing- For children to be emotionally resilient, and physically healthy to enable them to achieve positive dispositions to learning and develop characteristics of effective learning.

Intention 2: Curriculum – For children to experience a broad and varied curriculum with exciting opportunities to encourage a love of learning and skills to support future learning.

Intention 3: Communication- For children to communicate effectively using an ever increasing vocabulary, that will enable them to collaborate with others, achieve social mobility and be ready for each stage of their learning.

Intention 4: Community- Children who engage with the local community, allowing them to develop an understanding of the immediate and wider world and develop our British Values of: tolerance, mutual respect, individual liberty, democracy and rule of law.

Our Implementation

We ensure the implementation of these four key intentions  in the following ways.


We provide a consistent and clear routine that is mapped across the week so that all children have access to key learning points. We have a set of Golden Rules that we positively reinforce. Our staff are experienced practitioners who model expectations and interactions throughout the setting. All our children have access to high quality outdoors provision and children work with staff on key areas to ensure they look after their setting.


Our curriculum is based on high quality play experiences with a focus on the Prime Areas of Learning. We have daily phonics, reading, counting and fine motor and gross motor sessions. Each child is allocated a key worker to support their learning. Provision and maths and literacy are planned by our skilled teacher and all adults in the setting have a thorough knowledge of each child in order to help develop their next steps and provide valuable language interactions.


We provide a language rich environment is a key aspect of our provision. Staff have all been trained in language development and the use of programmes such as Wellcomm and Talk Boost. In addition to early reading, our staff development language through language rich interactions with children throughout the setting.


The curriculum is planned to ensure that we find out about and celebrate a range of different cultures. We enjoy a range of cultural stories, music and songs- used throughout the yearly planning. Our children go on visits to the local community and we welcome visitors from the community. We use the Wildlife area at Willow Lane Primary school for Forest School sessions and we access other elements of their grounds such as the Pond Area to learn about wildlife. We try to use the children’s voice in all we do and much of the curriculum is based around the children’s voice and interests.