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Ofsted inspected Appletree Nursery School in November 2016. Building on our Outstanding report in 2012, the school made even further improvements this time round to be rated Outstanding for every measured aspect of the school.

To view a full copy of the report please click here.

OFSTED’s summary:

This is an outstanding school.

At the heart of this school’s success is excellent leadership by the headteacher and governing body and high quality teaching. These give children an excellent start to their education.

Children of all abilities, including those with special educational needs, make excellent gains in their learning. Particularly rapid progress occurs in children’s social and personal development and their communication and language.

Behaviour and safety are outstanding. Children have excellent attitudes to learning. They are sensitive to the feelings of others, act safely and work happily with classmates.

The accommodation is of a high quality and gives children a safe and secure place to learn. Learning outdoors is very popular. Children have great fun exploring every nook and cranny, playing imaginatively and discovering plants and hidden creatures.

Excellent systems for checking how well children are learning give a secure picture of each child’s progress. This information is shared with parents and used by staff to plan precisely the next steps in the children’s learning. Any child at risk of falling behind is identified and given effective support.

Parents rate the school very highly. They praise its safety and the care their children receive. Each child’s ‘Special Book’ is treasured. It records their child’s progress in an interesting way and enables parents to contribute their own opinions.

Very strong links with the children’s centre extends the quality of support for children in the nursery and their families. Good and deepening partnerships with the other school in the federation benefits the training of staff.

The headteacher and governors constantly seek ways of improving teaching and achievement. This is why they are now making sure that all staff integrates even more opportunities to develop children’s knowledge of letters into play activities. The management of the school is shared amongst staff. This adds to the school’s effectiveness and its ability to carry on improving.

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