Healthy Eating, Snacks and Packed Lunches

Snacks: We provide cool, filtered water, fresh milk, plain crackers, breadsticks and fresh fruit and vegetable snacks.

Packed lunches: Appletree Nursery is a Healthy School. To support our healthy eating policy, please avoid putting unhealthy items such as crisps, chocolate bars, sweets and juice/fizzy pop in your child’s lunch box. If you send grapes or strawberries, please ensure that these are cut lengthways as they can present a choking hazard. We provide fresh water and milk throughout the day for your child.

School Fund & Snack Money

Parents can help the school by making a voluntary contribution of £2.00 per family each week which pays for snack and helps pay for enrichment activities such as parties and special events. If this will cause you financial difficulty, please speak to the class teacher.